Your Weekly Summary – April 23, 2018

Interest Rates, Interest Rates…   Strong corporate earnings lifted the Markets between Monday and Wednesday, suggesting the Market was going to start moving north. On Thursday and Friday, 10 year US Treasury moved up approaching 3%, the highest level since 2014 sending the Market south for 2 days.   For the week however, major US […]

Your Weekly Summary – April 16, 2018

Earning’s Season Has Arrived   We will now see if earnings expectations of projected significant growth come to fruition and if the results move equity markets safely into positive territory for the year. As of last Friday, the equity market as a whole is down insignificantly.   Last week witnessed most equity indexes up between […]

Your Weekly Summary – April 9, 2018

2nd Quarter Starts With A Bang!   The first week of trading witnessed the S&P500 move down by 1.4%. The finger is being pointed at new Tariff threats, as well as a weak payroll report last Friday. Year-To-Date, most stock indexes are in the red. As I’ve been writing, I certainly hope when the 2nd […]

Your Weekly Summary – April 3, 2018

1st Quarter 2018 – That Was Quick   Did the 1st Quarter 2018 already end? Wow!! That was fast!      If you were able to fall asleep on New Year’s Eve 2017, open your eyes on March 31, 2018 to see the stock and bond markets both ONLY slightly in the red for 2018, […]

Your Weekly Summary – March 26, 2018

Interest Rate Hike + Facebook + Tariff Talk + 1.3 Trillion $ Budget     = A Tough Week in the Markets   As expected, the Federal Reserve raised rates by .25, which is the 6th rate hike since the first in December of 2015. The concern still exists as to whether the Fed raises rates 2 […]