Markets Start Positive…Thanks to Federal Reserve!

      Markets Start Positive… Thanks to Federal Reserve!   Most prognosticators have been saying the Market needs the Fed to back off raising rates and we need resolution to our China Tariff and Intellectual Property Rights issue. I certainly agree these are necessary, however both issues will impact the Markets and the economy […]

2019 – Many Questions!! – Rates/Tariffs/Brexit/Others

2019 – Many Questions!! Rates/Tariffs/Brexit/Others   First I would like to wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year. May 2019 turn out to be your most rewarding year!     Midnight tonight, the calendar will turn from 2018 to 2019 which brings many questions that need to be answered to determine the […]

Market Action – Justified or Not?

          Market Action – Justified or Not?     The number of days remaining for the traditional “Santa Claus” rally are dwindling down. A combination of our Federal Reserve Chairman stating that we’ll have 2 additional rate hikes in 2019, the Tariff situation, slowing Corporate Profit/Economic Growth and the partial government […]

Government Shut-Down/Federal Reserve Rate Decision

          Government Shut-Down/Federal Reserve Rate Decision     President Trump has until Friday to negotiate the next round of government spending or face a partial government shut-down. The “Wall” is on the table and being negotiated. Should make for interesting news, to say the least!   On Wednesday we will know […]