Your Weekly Summary – June 18, 2018

Mixed Market and Tariff Issues   Last week US Stock Market Indexes were mixed with the Dow Jones down, the S&P 500 flat, the NASDAQ and Russell 2000 Indexes up. On the Bond side, the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index rose .13%. Overseas the Markets were also mixed for the week.   Tariff Talk Looking Real? […]

Your Weekly Summary – June 11, 2018

All US Stock Indexes Push Higher   All Major US Stock Indexes are safely in the black for 2018 as the Dow Jones led the charge last week up 2.77%. The S&P was up 1.62%, the Russell 2000 up 1.49% and the NASDAQ up 1.21%. On the flip side, The Barclays Aggregate Bond Index fell […]

Your Weekly Summary – June 4, 2018

Mixed Market, Mostly Up for the Week!   The Dow Jones Industrial Average was the only major US Stock Market Index down last week. The S&P500, the NASDAQ and the Russell 2000 Small Cap indexes all finished in the black as Friday’s Job Report pleased investors to push stocks higher.   Across the pond, most […]

Your Weekly Summary – May 29, 2018

Small Caps only US Major Stock Index Down for the Week (Direct opposite of last week)   2 weeks ago, Small Cap stocks were the only US Market Index in the “Black” for the week. Last week we witnessed the opposite, whereas Small Caps were the only major US Index to finish in the “Red”. […]

Your Weekly Summary – May 21, 2018

Small Caps only US Major Stock Index Up for the Week   Last week saw the Russell 2000 Small Cap Stock Index hit a record and is now up over 6% for 2018. It has always been mentioned that US Small companies were to benefit greatly from the change in our tax code. In addition, […]