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Imagine, being 72 years of age and regretting your decision as to when to begin collecting your Social Security Retirement Benefit. You now realize your decision is costing you 1000’s of $$$$. You did NOT seek out accurate, thorough and objective information and now you’re paying the price.


Making a beneficial decision of when and how to claim your Social Security Benefits is dependent on your understanding of how the rules apply and impact YOUR specific situation.


I cannot count on my finger and toes, how many people I’ve met who now regret their decision and said, I wish I would have come to your Workshop prior to making my decision.

Dates for Upcoming Workshops

  • Wednesday, April 17, 2019 • Cherry Hill Library • 1100 Kings Hwy North • Cherry Hill, 08034 • 6:30-8:00 pm


Attendees will learn the following:


  • Advantages and disadvantages of applying early.

    • Understanding how your decision will impact you now and down the road will often lead to good decision making. It’s critically important to ensure you’re getting the proper amount of guaranteed income from your Social Security Benefit.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of delaying your benefits.

    • The longer you wait to start your benefit, typically the higher your monthly income. There are situations when delaying makes sense and situations where it makes sense not to delay. Having this information can significantly enhance your Social Security decision making.
  • Strategies for coordinating benefits with your spouse.

    • With the elimination of “File and Suspend” and the phasing out of being able to do a “Restricted Application”, means it’s more important than ever to understand and coordinate your Social Security Benefit with your Spouse to maximize your Social Security Retirement Income. At the workshop we review the current techniques and their proper application to assist you in making a good decision.
  • Rules for Divorced Spouse Benefits.

    • It’s very important for a Divorced Spouse to fully understand his or her options. For the last 10 years of doing Social Security workshops, many divorced spouses came out of the workshop saying they would have made a mistake, if not attended. If you’re divorced, let’s make sure you’re one of the people who will not make a mistake.
  • Rules for Survivor Benefits.

    • Of course, one spouse will become eligible for a survivor benefit at some point. This is an area I have found many Widows and Widowers have made bad decisions which are now impacting their lives. Understanding the rules always leads to good decision making.
  • Taxes, Taxes & more Taxes.

    • Up to 85% of your annual Social Security can be subject to Federal Income Tax. Most people will have to pay at least some tax on their Social Security Benefits. You will learn several ways to reduce your overall “Federal” Income taxation and these same methods may assist in reducing taxation of your Social Security Benefits.
  • How to coordinate your Social Security options with your overall Retirement Income Plan.

    • One of the reasons some people make poor decisions is they don’t realize how their Social Security decision will impact other areas of their retirement. Understanding how each claiming strategy will impact your planning can assist you in living the retirement you so much desire.

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