1st Quarter Ends on a High Note/Interest Rate Cut/Philly Sports






1st Quarter Ends on a High Note/Interest Rate Cut/Philly Sports



Who would have thought, most major Stock Market Indexes finished the 1st Quarter 2019 up double digits! The Dow recorded a gain of 11.81%, the S&P 500 13.65%, the Russell 2000 14.58% and the Nasdaq Composite up 16.9%. United States Bonds as measured by the Barclay’s Aggregate Bond Index finished up 2.94%. I don’t think anyone 4-5 months back would have thought this is where the Markets would stand after the 1st quarter.


Over the pond, the MSCI EAFE International Index finished the quarter up 10.13% and the Emerging Market Stock Index up 9.95%.


Something else to keep an eye on, the price of WTI Oil is up from $45.41 per barrel to $60.14. That is a 32% rise year-to-date. No wonder it costs a little more to fill our gas tanks.


Talk of an Interest Rate Cut?


Last week we started to hear chatter from a few of our leaders wanting the Federal Reserve to now CUT RATES! As I have a lot of respect for John Kudlow, I don’t believe the Federal Reserve should cut rates at this point. The US economy continues to expand, rates are very low already and I believe the Federal Reserve should keep the bullets in their gun until they are truly needed.


Part of the reason for this chatter is the fear that the economy is slowing down and we now have had a couple of Yield Curve Inversions. Last week the 3 Month Treasury Yield rose higher than the 10 Year Treasury Yield.   The last several recessions have been preceded by a Yield Curve Inversion bringing many to believe that a recession is only months away.


What will truly happen, as always, time will tell!


Philly Sports


On a fun note, so glad to see Bryce Harper smack 2 dingers in the first 2 games. He has the ability to electrify the city. Remember that little guy who did it a few years back, Allen Iverson! With 76ers now very competitive, the Phillies loaded with optimism, the Eagles having 2 great seasons in a row, one can’t help but feel adrenaline when thinking of Philly sports!!!


Question of the Week


The price of Oil impacts pricing of gasoline, plane tickets and cost of goods sold for many businesses. What was the highest price of a barrel of WTI Oil?

a) 121.25/barrel

b) 161.70/barrel

c)   91.30/barrel

d) 301.31/barrel


Answer To Last Week’s Question


Social Security:

What is the last year you can be born to be eligible to receive 100% of your projected Full Retirement Age Benefit at age 66?

a) 1965

b) 1954

c) 1960

d) 1975


The correct answer is –

b) 1954 

For each year born after 1954, the age of full Retirement increases by 2 months. For example, if you were born in 1957, to begin receiving your “full Retirement Social Security benefit, you must begin at age 66 and 6 month. For those born in 1960 and later, the age is 67.



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