Big Earnings Week/GDP/China Last Lap?





Big Earnings Week/GDP/China Last Lap?


This week we’ll hear from over 170 S&P 500 Companies reporting their 1st Quarter 2019 Earnings. So far, over 70% reported have beaten their Quarterly estimates.


Last week saw most US Stock Indexes move higher with the S&P 500 rising 1.20%, the Nasdaq Composite 1.85% and the Russell 2000 moving up 1.66%. The Dow however, was flattish dropping (.06%).


Over the pond, the major Indexes were down with the MSCI International Index down (.33%) and the Emerging Market Stock Index off (1.53%).


Bonds as represented by the Barclay’s Aggregate Bond Index rose, moving the Yield on the 10 Year US Treasury down to 2.50%.


GDP/China Last Lap?


Last Friday, we received the first of 3 estimates on US 1st Quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The 3.2% was higher than most people anticipated. Most prognosticators still believe GDP for the US will end up between 2 and 2.5% for 2019. As 2019 continues, much will happen and as always, time will tell.


Over the weekend it was reported we are in the last “lap” with our China negotiations.   It was reported that this may end positively or China can walk away. Boy, now that’s news to sink your teeth into. I just hope this ends, sooner than later!



Question of the Week


Retirement Withdrawal Strategies. There are a few ways you can arrange to begin receiving your Retirement income. How you do so, will go a long way in determining your Retirement Success and Happiness.


Which method arranges your Investments to match your yearly income needs?

a) Systematic Withdrawal approach

b) Flooring Approach

c) Time Segmentation Approach

d) Bond/CD Ladder Approach


Answer To Last Week’s Question


Social Security: What is the earliest age a widow or widower can collect a survivor benefit?

a) 66

b) 62

c) 70

d) 60

The answer is –

d) 60

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