Markets Get More Juice!!

Over the weekend, the markets received another chunk of dough in the form of extended unemployment benefits, a payroll tax holiday, an eviction moratorium extension, and additional student loan payment deferment. In anticipation, the markets charged higher with the confidence that more juice was on the way.  For the week, the Dow rose 3.88%, the […]

Corona-Correction?!? and Election News

As I’m writing this week’s blog, the futures market is down over 750 points on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Over the weekend, several new cases of the Coronavirus were reported in South Korea and Italy suggesting, up to this point, we are not in control of the situation and can expect this to get […]

Coronavirus…US Debt now $23 Trillion… & an early Spring!

Market Pullback (Coronavirus) or Correction? I don’t know why I become amazed at the dramatization on the business/market news station I listen to and watch!  Yes I certainly understand the markets pulled back last week, dropping Major Stock Indexes into negative territory for the 1st month of 2020.  I guess it’s all about drama, as […]

Markets Impacted by Coronavirus!

Markets Impacted by Coronavirus… All equity market indexes pulled back last week as the uncertainty on the Coronavirus impact is front and center on investor minds.  We certainly know the transportation sector will take at least a temporary hit.  Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, various hotel chains, and airlines will be immediately impacted.  Also on […]

Markets Continue to Rise As China Phase 1 Trade Deal to be Signed!

On Wednesday January 15th, the United States and China are scheduled to ink a Phase 1 Trade Deal, that may increase global business confidence. The deal includes a roll back of a previous tariff increase from 15% to 7.5%, and the official cancellation of last December’s scheduled new 15% tariff.  Also included, will be promises […]

Jobs Report Leaves Markets Flat Last Week & December 15 Tariffs?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! Last Friday’s job report showed the US adding 266,000 jobs in November, bolstered by the return of formerly striking GM employees.  The prior 2 months were revised adding an additional 41,000 jobs.  The unemployment rate came in at 3.5%, which is an absolute WOW!!!!!! No wonder why restaurants, stores and the roads […]

Equities Continue to Melt Higher… and What Happens If We Get A Trade Deal?

No surprise hear, that with the talk of a possible trade deal, markets continue to rise.  For the week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved higher by 1.24%, the S&P 500 .94%.  The Nasdaq Composite increased .77% however the small cap Russell 2000 took a small step back, down .10%. Over the pond, stocks didn’t […]

Market Banking on a Trade Deal & Medicare Part B – 6.7% Premium Hike!

The US Stock Market continues to melt higher anticipating a Phase 1 Trade Deal with China.  As we are unaware of the details, the market is anticipating with a trade deal, Corporate America will get off the sidelines and Corporate Earnings will again re-ignite.  Argus research has reported that the overall decline in 3rd quarter […]

Markets Hopeful of Trade Deal! & SS COLA Announced!

Markets Hopeful of Trade Deal! Stock Markets rose late last week after news broke that trade negotiations are moving along in a positive manner!  The results so far, appear to be the US has suspended a tariff increase to 30% from 25% on at least $250 billion in Chinese goods that was to take effect […]

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