Stocks Surge Last Week! But Who Attacked the Oil??!

Stocks Surge Last Week! All equity boats rose last week.  China and the United States made a couple of concessions on the trade war front.  China waived tariffs on some U.S. Agricultural goods, while the United States delayed implementation of new tariffs by two weeks.  This news all by itself helped fuel the markets last […]

The Back and Forth Market Continues… 

The Back and Forth Market Continues…  August is now in the books, and good riddance.  After hitting the yearly high in July, August was a back and forth market based on the rhetoric of our trade war.  Negative information punished the markets, and words suggesting trade war improvement moved us higher.   The negative, however, certainly […]

Markets Take it on the Chin….

Markets Take It on the Chin Another crazy week in the markets!  The major indexes are down 4 weeks in a row.  Well, it’s August, Global growth appears to be slowing (at least temporarily), interest rates have moved significantly lower, and who really knows what is going on with our Trade War!  This is a […]