How Will Things Change?!

Drug companies are working feverishly to obtain the solution to Covid-19.  Certainly a huge reward to whoever is successful!  Each time we hear a bit of positive drug news, the markets move higher! This morning, Novavax is the latest company to suggest they “got it,” as they begin their trial period. The market is only […]

Warm Weather Breeds Optimism! Plus the “HEROES Act”

I cannot wait until this entire issue in the rear-view mirror, however there is ONE item I’ll truly miss.  For the last several weeks, driving to my office or anywhere I needed to go was wonderful from a traffic standpoint.  Perhaps it’s me; however I think all of the “crazy” drivers stayed home! As the […]

Is It Time to Re-Open the Economy?!

The understandable battle of whether or not to re-open the economy, and how to do so, is divisive however warranted! Opinions are all over the place.  You are hearing them all day long so I won’t be repetitive. I’ve read that well over 50% of the Counties in the United States have actual deaths from […]

What is “fair value” for the stock and bond markets?

Market Wants to Know? From a record S&P 500 high, 3393 on February 19th, to the current low, 2191.86 on March 23rd, back up to 2950 early last week, AND NOW now sitting at 2800…….. That’s enough to make your head spin! What is “fair value” for the stock and bond markets?  At the end […]

Is the Recent Stock Market Optimism Warranted?

Recent Stock Market Optimism Warranted? The S&P 500 finished last Friday @ 2874.56.  That figure is only 15% below the S&P All-Time closing high of 3,385 – recorded only a couple of months ago on February 19th.  The intra-day low hit during this period is about 2200 in March.  The range so far has been […]

The Market’s Next Move? It’s A Good Time to PLAN!

Stock Market – Up or Down Next? What About Bonds? Good Time to Plan Last week most stock market indexes increased over 10%.  The Dow was up 12.67%, the S&P 500 rose 12.10%, the Nasdaq Composite 10.59% and the Russell 2000 small cap index up 18.50%. The S&P 500 all-time high was 3393, reached less […]

Our New “Normal”…

Practically all of us have been impacted in one way or another over the last month.  We ARE certainly in this together.  Hang in there, as we WILL get through this! What is now being highly debated?: When will new cases and deaths from this virus peak then drop? Will there be a re-occurrence of […]

Everything you need to know about the CARES Act!

This week’s blog explains how the CARES Act will impact the vast majority of our clients and blog subscribers.  I have spent several hours over the weekend reviewing this information. The 2 Trillion Dollar CARES Act is equal to 10% of the United States GDP in a “normal year”.  This is a ton of money […]

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