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Election = Exhausting!

I don’t know how you feel, however I’m looking forward to this election being over.  Hopefully shortly after November 3rd!! The markets don’t appear to care about the election for now, as the focus remains on stimulus.  It doesn’t matter whether before or after the election, as long as it is passed, and it’s large.  […]

Tuesday’s Boxing Match!

Tuesday September 29th @ 9:00PM, many of us will be glued to the television for our Presidential Boxing Match Debate.  Will we find out anything new? Will it move the polls? One thing is for sure, the media will have more material to spin for a few weeks.  Will it be an Ali v. Frazier, a […]


No deal yet? Should the dollar figure be $600, $200 or perhaps meet in the middle @ $400! I absolutely believe that anyone who has suffered a current Covid-19 related job-loss should continue to receive unemployment compensation until they are called back, or the economy truly opens and job openings are plentiful. The amount, in […]

Markets Moving Very Fast!

What a difference 1 week can make!  Prior to last week, stock markets were pricing extreme optimism, in my opinion.  Last week optimism quickly retreated, at least for now, as the Dow Jones retreated (5.51%), the S&P (4.73%), and the Nasdaq Composite (2.27%).   The Russell 2000 Small Cap index led the decline by falling (7.89%) […]

Equities Continue to Melt Higher… and What Happens If We Get A Trade Deal?

No surprise hear, that with the talk of a possible trade deal, markets continue to rise.  For the week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved higher by 1.24%, the S&P 500 .94%.  The Nasdaq Composite increased .77% however the small cap Russell 2000 took a small step back, down .10%. Over the pond, stocks didn’t […]

Markets Hopeful of Trade Deal! & SS COLA Announced!

Markets Hopeful of Trade Deal! Stock Markets rose late last week after news broke that trade negotiations are moving along in a positive manner!  The results so far, appear to be the US has suspended a tariff increase to 30% from 25% on at least $250 billion in Chinese goods that was to take effect […]

Markets Down for 3rd Week & US Manufacturing Data

Markets Down for 3rd Week Last week brought in a bit of volatility as the 2nd straight month of a weak Manufacturing report sent the S&P 500 down 3% between last Tuesday and Wednesday. The market was mostly saved for the week when last Friday’s employment data was weaker than expected, however that made market […]

The Back and Forth Market Continues… 

The Back and Forth Market Continues…  August is now in the books, and good riddance.  After hitting the yearly high in July, August was a back and forth market based on the rhetoric of our trade war.  Negative information punished the markets, and words suggesting trade war improvement moved us higher.   The negative, however, certainly […]

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