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Our Economic Reality…

Markets Take It on the Chin Not too many places to hide last week as stocks and bonds lost value.  All US Stock Market Indexes fell over 5%, as did International Stocks. Our 10 Year US Treasury finished the week with the yield rising to .86%, the highest since June. Is the reason the upcoming […]

Tuesday’s Boxing Match!

Tuesday September 29th @ 9:00PM, many of us will be glued to the television for our Presidential Boxing Match Debate.  Will we find out anything new? Will it move the polls? One thing is for sure, the media will have more material to spin for a few weeks.  Will it be an Ali v. Frazier, a […]

Markets Moving Very Fast!

What a difference 1 week can make!  Prior to last week, stock markets were pricing extreme optimism, in my opinion.  Last week optimism quickly retreated, at least for now, as the Dow Jones retreated (5.51%), the S&P (4.73%), and the Nasdaq Composite (2.27%).   The Russell 2000 Small Cap index led the decline by falling (7.89%) […]

Coronavirus…US Debt now $23 Trillion… & an early Spring!

Market Pullback (Coronavirus) or Correction? I don’t know why I become amazed at the dramatization on the business/market news station I listen to and watch!  Yes I certainly understand the markets pulled back last week, dropping Major Stock Indexes into negative territory for the 1st month of 2020.  I guess it’s all about drama, as […]

Markets Continue to Rise… But For How Much Longer?

Markets Continue to Rise… But How Much Longer? Election Process to Begin Shortly!  Fun Stuff! Today the markets will not rise or fall.  The markets are closed to celebrate the Life and Achievements of Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights leader well-known for his contribution to ending racial segregation and for racial equality.  It’s […]

Markets, Iran, and the Secure Act!

Markets Flat in the Short New Year’s Week & Geopolitical Tension Rising!  Welcome to Year 2020!  This promises to be an exciting year based upon what may transpire with our 2020 Presidential Election and the campaigning over the next 11 months. Typically I do not discuss politics in our blogs, however with the feeling that political […]

Jobs Report Leaves Markets Flat Last Week & December 15 Tariffs?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! Last Friday’s job report showed the US adding 266,000 jobs in November, bolstered by the return of formerly striking GM employees.  The prior 2 months were revised adding an additional 41,000 jobs.  The unemployment rate came in at 3.5%, which is an absolute WOW!!!!!! No wonder why restaurants, stores and the roads […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wherever you go and whatever you do this Thanksgiving, we wish you the best. Being able to work with our wonderful clients and workshop attendees is something we are TRULY grateful for!! Happy Thanksgiving from Retirement Refined!   

Happy Thanksgiving! Market Rise Pauses Last Week

I would like to wish all of you a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  No matter what is going on your world, I’m confident all of us have much to be thankful. I’m personally thankful for much, as I’m fortunate to have a wonderful family, including my mom, my daughter, son-in-law and 3 cousins and several nieces.  […]

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