Our Economic Reality…

Markets Take It on the Chin Not too many places to hide last week as stocks and bonds lost value.  All US Stock Market Indexes fell over 5%, as did International Stocks. Our 10 Year US Treasury finished the week with the yield rising to .86%, the highest since June. Is the reason the upcoming […]

Tuesday’s Boxing Match!

Tuesday September 29th @ 9:00PM, many of us will be glued to the television for our Presidential Boxing Match Debate.  Will we find out anything new? Will it move the polls? One thing is for sure, the media will have more material to spin for a few weeks.  Will it be an Ali v. Frazier, a […]

The Markets/Fed/Economic Recovery

There’s enough going on to make your head spin!  The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, TikTok, continuing Covid-19 issues, the economic recovery, stimulus battle, Federal Reserve alteration, the election, and of course politics!!!!  Certainly, enough to increase market volatility! First and foremost, we should honor the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  […]

Housing “Cocktail” Drives Prices Higher?

The housing market has been one of the slowest sectors to recover from the doldrums of the 2008 great recession.  Over the last couple of months, the numbers suggest a changing trend, at least for now.  Add this to your cocktail shaker: record low interest rates, pent up demand from our shutdown, the desire to […]

Markets Get More Juice!!

Over the weekend, the markets received another chunk of dough in the form of extended unemployment benefits, a payroll tax holiday, an eviction moratorium extension, and additional student loan payment deferment. In anticipation, the markets charged higher with the confidence that more juice was on the way.  For the week, the Dow rose 3.88%, the […]


No deal yet? Should the dollar figure be $600, $200 or perhaps meet in the middle @ $400! I absolutely believe that anyone who has suffered a current Covid-19 related job-loss should continue to receive unemployment compensation until they are called back, or the economy truly opens and job openings are plentiful. The amount, in […]

HOT Weather & Hot News!

We certainly know we’re into the doldrums of summer.  Temperatures are forecasting to pierce 100 degrees this week!! In a “normal year,” we would now be focusing on 2nd quarter corporate earnings, while looking for guidance for the remainder of the year.  NOT THIS YEAR!  Instead, we are waiting for the Hot New Stimulus that […]

A Year We’ll Never Forget… plus Corporate Profits & Unemployment/Stimulus…

This will mostly likely be one year ALL of us will never forget.  So much has happened and is happening, even as I type.  The news flow appears to be endless, whether it’s Covid-19, the economy, the markets, our international relationships, the election, or our current civil unrest. Reopening Pace Slowing? After the initial surge […]

Millennials/Markets/RMD Relief Expands!

For many years the Baby-Boomer generation drove the overall US economy.  When Boomers purchased minivans and SUV’s, sales BOOMED!  Whatever Boomers wanted, they purchased, and the markets along with the economy responded.  Do you recall the Real Estate Bubble?? Now, a new leader has emerged… Millennials! Millennials were born between 1982 and 2000; currently range […]