No deal yet? Should the dollar figure be $600, $200 or perhaps meet in the middle @ $400! I absolutely believe that anyone who has suffered a current Covid-19 related job-loss should continue to receive unemployment compensation until they are called back, or the economy truly opens and job openings are plentiful. The amount, in […]

HOT Weather & Hot News!

We certainly know we’re into the doldrums of summer.  Temperatures are forecasting to pierce 100 degrees this week!! In a “normal year,” we would now be focusing on 2nd quarter corporate earnings, while looking for guidance for the remainder of the year.  NOT THIS YEAR!  Instead, we are waiting for the Hot New Stimulus that […]

A Year We’ll Never Forget… plus Corporate Profits & Unemployment/Stimulus…

This will mostly likely be one year ALL of us will never forget.  So much has happened and is happening, even as I type.  The news flow appears to be endless, whether it’s Covid-19, the economy, the markets, our international relationships, the election, or our current civil unrest. Reopening Pace Slowing? After the initial surge […]

Stocks/Income Tax Talk/4 Months Until Election Day!

Stocks, How Long of a Wait? When we look at the current major index levels of the stock market, it certainly appears all is well.  If you fell asleep on December 31, 2019 and awoke on July 4th, 2020, you might say “hey, after a good year in 2019, this is just a little pullback…”   […]

Millennials/Markets/RMD Relief Expands!

For many years the Baby-Boomer generation drove the overall US economy.  When Boomers purchased minivans and SUV’s, sales BOOMED!  Whatever Boomers wanted, they purchased, and the markets along with the economy responded.  Do you recall the Real Estate Bubble?? Now, a new leader has emerged… Millennials! Millennials were born between 1982 and 2000; currently range […]

Markets Higher Last Week… & Pouring Rain Did Not Stop Father’s Day!!!

Recovery, Fast or Slow? We are now over 3 months from the beginning of our economic shut down! Those who are allowed to and ventured out, certainly spent money in May, as retail sales increased far more than expected.  There is very little doubt that consumer spending is going to continue increasing, as more states […]

How Will Things Change?!

Drug companies are working feverishly to obtain the solution to Covid-19.  Certainly a huge reward to whoever is successful!  Each time we hear a bit of positive drug news, the markets move higher! This morning, Novavax is the latest company to suggest they “got it,” as they begin their trial period. The market is only […]

Is the Recent Stock Market Optimism Warranted?

Recent Stock Market Optimism Warranted? The S&P 500 finished last Friday @ 2874.56.  That figure is only 15% below the S&P All-Time closing high of 3,385 – recorded only a couple of months ago on February 19th.  The intra-day low hit during this period is about 2200 in March.  The range so far has been […]

Everything you need to know about the CARES Act!

This week’s blog explains how the CARES Act will impact the vast majority of our clients and blog subscribers.  I have spent several hours over the weekend reviewing this information. The 2 Trillion Dollar CARES Act is equal to 10% of the United States GDP in a “normal year”.  This is a ton of money […]