Taxes and the Markets

Who is paying the highest amount of our Federal Income Taxes? Does it matter? Certainly yes, with the Presidential election only a few months away, which just became even more interesting.  Both parties have very opposite ideas of who and how much tax should be paid. The latest data available is from 2021 per IRS […]

S&P 500 Hitting Records/Economy slowing? 2nd Half 2024

The S&P 500 smashed through 5500 for the 1st time last week.  The indexes 34th new high of 2024!!  Wow! The major contributors have been the technology & communication sectors.  In addition, stocks with innovation have also pushed the index higher, think weight loss. How much higher can the S&P 500 rise without a credible […]

2024 Halftime Update ~ Your Estate Plan

Air travel hitting records almost daily serves as a reminder, time sure does fly! Of course, none of us need a reminder. With the 1st half 2024 now in the books, lets take a brief dive into the markets. Here’s how the major stock indexes finished as of the end of June. The main index […]

Markets Push Higher… Will It Continue?

Major stock indexes continued higher last week, as a light retail sales report may have provided confidence inflation will continue to slow, leading the Fed to lower short-term interest rates. Retail sales edged up less than expected, increasing just .01% for the month in addition to the prior month being revised downward. For the week […]

Markets – How Much Higher?

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq continue pushing to new highs! Certainly, good news! On the back of the technology sector, the Nasdaq climbed 3.02%, followed by the S&P 500 1.49%.  The Dow fell (.73%) and the Small Cap Russell 2000 (1.18%). Out of the 11 S&P 500 sectors, only 3 were positive, with Technology […]

Social Security Survivor Benefits – Be Careful

Be careful who you ask, regarding the Social Security claiming rules.  It can cost you money. Recently I enrolled a Divorced client for her Full Retirement Age, Retirement Benefit.  Part of the data input on the Social Security website is about prior marriages, the time frame, and if the ex-spouse is alive. In this case, […]

ID Theft – Protect Yourself!

Most of us know someone who has had their credit, debt card information stolen, their email hacked and worse! As technology continues to infiltrate our lives to make everything more convenient and faster, it’s up to each of us to “take the time” to protect our information. How many times can you recall needing to […]

Summer Time Markets

Will the warmer weather keep spreading sunshine on the stock market this summer? Between now and mid-July, the stock and bond market focus could be squarely on inflation and the economy, as corporate profit reports are mostly in the rear-view mirror. Entering 2024, investors were banking on 5 to 6 Federal Reserve Rates cuts.  Not […]

What’s Next?

The markets are circling around all-time highs increasing investor confidence. What is the reason for the all-time high? Is this really good news?  If the economy is starting to slow, the next concern could be, will we slow too far?  Higher interest rates appear to be slowing the economy, not quite as soon as the […]

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