Retirement Blog – 4/8/2024

Economy, Good or Not so? The United States created 303,000 jobs in March with the unemployment rate sitting @ 3.8%.  Wages increased by 4.1%. Perhaps your individual perspective is the answer. This Saturday, Michelle and I took a ride to the “Container Store”, which sits in the huge Cherry Hill Mall parking lot.  We arrived […]

Retirement Blog 4/1/2024

Stocks, Stocks and more Stocks! Stocks finished the 1st quarter of 2024 on a high note.  Year-to-date, here is where our major indexes stand: All but 1 sector of the S&P 500 finished in the black.  Here is where the sectors stand: The first quarter witnessed sectors, in addition to Communication Services and Technology, participating […]

Retirement Blog 3/18/2024

I’m looking forward to when the Federal Reserve is no longer the top financial topic of the week! Coming into 2024, investors banked on corporate profits increasing by double digits and the Fed cutting rates 5-6 times. After last week’s hotter than expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) reporting a monthly increase of .4% and the […]

Retirement Blog 3/11/2024

Social Security – Make the best choice! Obtaining the largest amount of guaranteed (fixed) income can contribute towards a comfortable retirement. Since 2008, we’ve counseled countless couples and individuals on how to select the best Social Security option unique to their situation. Practically all of our clients elected to either utilize a delayed strategy or […]

Retirement Blog – March 4, 2023

Is the Economy doing well? The unemployment rate sits at 3.7%, the US continues to create new jobs, the stock market continues to melt higher, inflation has moderated, and crowds of people seem to be spending money everywhere. It’s the cost of money that has many concerned, meaning interest rates. For years, businesses and consumers […]

Retirement Blog February 26, 2024

Interest Rates Continue to Defy! Why are bond yields rising if inflation continues to moderate and everyone expects the Fed to lower rates this year? Seems counter intuitive, however it’s basic supply and demand.  The US Treasury department needs to issue a ton of new debt so our government can pay our bills. Tax and […]

Tax Reporting – Inflation – Markets

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) Tax Reporting Your IRA distribution form (1099R) will reflect your total gross distribution and will NOT reflect amounts sent directly to charities under the terms of a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). When filling our your 2023 1040, include on line 4a the total amount of distributions reported on Form 1099-R. Then […]

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is special.  Whether its love for your spouse, your family, or friends, please take a moment to appreciate your relationships by letting them know you love them. Michelle and I had the opportunity to attend the annual Samaritan Life Care Gala Celebration this Saturday evening.  Over 400 donors were in attendance.  For me, […]

Jobs -The Fed – IRS

Do you still believe the Fed is cutting rates in March?  Last Friday’s January job report came in much hotter than expected, as the United States created 353,000 jobs.  The numbers for the prior 2 months were revised higher by 120,000.  Fed Chair Powell stated at his press conference a rate reduction in March is […]

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