Fed in 2023?

Last Friday we learned the US created 263,000 new jobs in November.  The number has certainly been trending downward, however the wage component has many talking this morning.  Hourly earnings came in at +0.6% versus the estimate of 0.3%.  I don’t recall the last time I was rooting for the US to create fewer jobs!! […]

Consumer Spending/Railroad Strike?/Oil

Stock and Bond Markets have been attempting to rally higher, as expected. The yield on the 10-Year US Treasury has fallen from a high of 4.23% back down to 3.692, as I’m typing this morning.  The reason for the drop in yields?  Is inflation starting to abate? Is the Fed nearing an end to raising […]

Markets Attempting to Rally….

Markets have been attempting to rally….  Last week, the Producer Price Index “Inflation” number was released that pointed lower, as did the Consumer Price Index, the week prior.  Markets attempted to rally, then 3 Federal Reserve officials spoke, suggesting that rate hikes are not having the desired impact, saying rates may need to go higher […]

Big Week of Reporting!

Last week, the CPI reading moderated, which pushed stocks notably higher.  The major stock indexes rose between 4 and 8%. Bonds were also a benefactor of the CPI, with the 10-year Treasury yield falling back under 4%, to close the week with a yield of 3.81%. Has inflation rolled over?  Love to know the definitive […]

It’s Election Time!

Perhaps the most important week of the year?!  If you’ve been watching tv or surfing the internet, you may certainly think so…. We’ve heard both parties talk about how awful the opposing party will hurt our economy and our way of life, if elected.  The amount of finger-pointing going on suggests politicians have 20 fingers, […]

Earnings/Rates/Jobs Report

GDP, Gross Domestic Product, was reported at 2.6% last week.  Combined with the hope the Federal Reserve is entering the late stages of rate hikes, markets moved higher quite nicely!  Whatever the true reason, anything upward moving is certainly welcome. Earnings, not including technology, have been holding up better than many anticipated.  This week we’ll […]

Market Rally to Continue? + NJ Anchor Program Info

The S&P 500 managed to rally 4.74% last week, in the face of the obvious negativity and doubts as to where our economy is heading.  The 10-Year US Treasury finished last Friday with a yield of 4.22%.  We started 2022 with the 10-Year @ 1.512%.  The markets appear to be in a technical back and […]

Medicare, COLA Increase, and EV’s

Today’s blog will focus on Medicare, Social Security, and electric vehicle (EV) tax credits for 2023.  The markets, however, are due for an over-sold bounce as evidenced by the market opening this morning.  Inflation numbers reported last week remain running hot, keeping in mind, the true fall in housing is not yet reflected, and will […]

Tax-Loss Selling

Similar to being glad not to hear about Covid every day, all of us look forward to the day when we no longer hear about inflation!  For now, we have no choice but to just deal with it. This week, we’ll hear September’s Consumer Price Index report.  In August, the headline number came in at […]