At Retirement Refined LLC, our dedication to clients is demonstrated through our service model.

Clients can expect to receive individual attention and support on an ongoing basis in the following manner:

Investment Management

When managing your investment assets, we act as an Investment Fiduciary, dedicated to acting in your best interest. This includes making sure your investments are allocated specifically and properly with your Retirement Income and financial planning needs.

Retirement Income Planning

We encourage our clients to create a Retirement Income Plan prior to making investment decisions. Our Retirement Income Planning process will assist you in pursuing your retirement goals by providing clear, concise strategies so you can enjoy your retirement years with confidence.

Investment Reviews

A vital part of any investment plan is to review your accounts on a regular basis. We are committed to meeting with you on a pre-determined regularly scheduled basis to make sure your investment strategy remains consistent with your Retirement Income Planning objectives.

Plan Updates

As you progress through retirement, your income needs and circumstances may change. In addition, there may be changes to tax brackets, Social Security, Medicare, etc. that may affect your planning. Your Retirement Income Plan will be updated that remains consistent with your circumstances.

Our Weekly Blog

A weekly, emailed publication that Paul personally writes on various topics, including: the markets, economy, income taxes, politics, social security, Medicare, and anything that impacts those entering or continuing through retirement.

Educational Seminars & Client Events

To further our relationships with our clients, we offer educational seminars and client events. These activities allow us to get to know one another outside of our regular office meetings and phone conversations.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to helping clients make informed, discerning decisions throughout retirement and it’s a responsibility we all take seriously and an honor we value. You’ll quickly discover us to be a very knowledgeable, accessible and caring staff.