Executive Orders/Stimulus – A.T. Cross Company

President Biden has signed “Executive Orders” more than any president since F.D. Roosevelt.

So far, he’s up to 28 in the first 2 weeks.  The pen of choice utilized, is the Cross Pen, made by A.T. Cross Company.

Trump signed 12, Obama 16, George W 7, Clinton 6, Reagan 5, Kennedy 7.

We now know the $1.9 Trillion Dollar Stimulus only needs a simple Senate majority to pass.  Assuming this takes place, that will equal $2.8 Trillion of Stimulus within a few months.  WOW!

Cross Pen will certainly be signing again.

I’m in favor of providing funds for the Vaccine Distribution Process, extended Unemployment Benefits for individuals and loans for small business who are still hurting from the Coronavirus.  Apparently these 3 categories add up to $950 Billion.  The balance of the $1.9 Trillion is approximately $350 Billion for States and Local Governments and $600 Billion to fund the $1400 direct payments to individuals who qualify based on income, not on any impacts of the pandemic.

With the knowledge of $900 Billion in process and $1.9 Trillion coming, its now wonder the markets ran much higher last week.

Markets Up for the Year

Stocks raced higher last week with the Dow up 3.9%, the S&P 500 4.67%, the Nasdaq Composite 6.04% and the Russell 2000 7.72%.

International stocks also participated with the indexes moving higher between 2 and 5%.

Bond yields are slowly starting to creep higher with the 10 Year US Treasury yield @ 1.17%, up from .91% on 12/31/2020.

Bond funds comprised mostly of US Government debt are lower for the year.  This should be expected to continue assuming the economy does NOT have any significant setbacks from the vaccine distribution process.

Will Life Resume Back to Normal?

On Sunday morning, ESPN had a clip of Whitney Houston singing our National Anthem at the 1991 Superbowl in Tampa, Florida.  Moving aside I’m a huge Whitney fan, watching her face sing our National Anthem was breathtaking.  Her face exemplified the pride of having the pleasure of being part of the United States of America.  Seeing the fans waiving our flag and the look on their faces, was priceless. I literally stood directly in front my television, as a little wetness rolled to my cheeks. I found the clip on YouTube if you have a chance to watch — Click Here.

Remember back then… you and your family, friends and neighbors would gather with no worries of political issues and disagreements.

Much is being said and debated about the distribution of the Coronavirus vaccine.  Many are saying by summer most of us will be vaccinated.  Others are saying much later this year.   We are also hearing that after “herd-immunity,” we’ll continue to be required to social distance and wear masks for an extended period of time.

As of this writing, if I had to guess when life will truly resume back to normal, I could not do so! I will however remain positive with the glass is half-full.  I cannot wait to stare directly into the aqua blue water, feel the soft smooth white sand on my feet and feel the cooling warm breeze of the Caribbean.
















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