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Fed Slowing Demand?

Is the Fed starting to slow demand for goods and services?  I believe the current answer is “Yes!”  Mortgage interest rates have doubled off the

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What Else??

Clearly, we are running far behind in our attempt to bring down inflation.  Last week’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) number was red hot, with an

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Markets Bounce Higher

Nice to see the markets bounce higher.  It’s been about 7 weeks.  Most US major stock market indexes rose over 6% last week. Part of

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My Thoughts….

The S&P 500 hit it’s current all-time high on January 3, 2022, reaching 4797.  As of last Friday, the index closed @ 3901.36.  The quick

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Inflation Peaking?

Is Inflation in the “peaking” process?  The easy answer is yes, however the challenging question is when will the process be over? Last week’s Consumer

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Inflation Data

Over the next few months, the most important day for the economy and markets will be around the 11th of each month.  That is when

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3 Issues Front & Center

3 issues are clearly front and center!: The Federal Reserve & Inflation The Russia/Ukraine War and it’s impact on the European Economy The Covid Lockdown

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