Warm Weather Breeds Optimism! Plus the “HEROES Act”

I cannot wait until this entire issue in the rear-view mirror, however there is ONE item I’ll truly miss.  For the last several weeks, driving to my office or anywhere I needed to go was wonderful from a traffic standpoint.  Perhaps it’s me; however I think all of the “crazy” drivers stayed home! As the […]

Stock Market Appears Calm/Corporate Earnings & GDP Report/States Go Bankrupt?

Stock Market Indexes were mostly down last week however volatility decreased as thoughts of re-opening our economy are top of mind! Last week, the Dow was down (1.90%), the S&P 500 (1.30%) with the Russell 2000 small cap index gaining .33%.  Over the pond, the International Developed Market Stock Index, EAFE dropped (2.01%) and Emerging […]

Everything you need to know about the CARES Act!

This week’s blog explains how the CARES Act will impact the vast majority of our clients and blog subscribers.  I have spent several hours over the weekend reviewing this information. The 2 Trillion Dollar CARES Act is equal to 10% of the United States GDP in a “normal year”.  This is a ton of money […]