Job #s Strong & Markets Continue to Climb!!!

2 Million Jobs have been created over the past 12 months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Out of those 2 million jobs, 697k are workers aged 65 +, or about 36% of the total gain.

The question is: why are so many age 65 +’s wanting to work?!

Prior to the Mortgage Crisis in 2008, it was widely believed that Baby Boomers would be retiring in mass.  After the crisis, it was believed Boomers would not retire because they simply could not afford to, as they lost large percentages in their retirement savings programs.

Here we are, just about 10 years since the market bottom of March 9, 2009, and it’s now believed that Boomers will continue to work.  I love all of the prognosticators and opinions.

I believe there are a couple of reasons why Boomers are continuing to work and may continue to do so….

First – life expectancy increases…. combined with better medications and increased health awareness is making people 65 + much more energetic and having the desire to remain “engaged”.  Second, the economy has continued its record expansion, which demands more workers, so the strong economy is permitting these workers to continue to work!

When working with a client, I strongly suggest that if you do not have any physical limitations, not to stop working (especially if you like or have a true passion for what you do!). I certainly advocate taking more time off, traveling, and spending as much time with your children and grandchildren as possible.  Typically when our minds and bodies are working, we remain healthier much longer.

I have a number of clients who have previously totally retired and are expressing desire to re-engage in some form of work or activity.  Go for it!

Market Climb Continues

What will slow down our markets?  So far, not the Coronavirus, not a news worthy Democratic Party Election Process, and not a 10 Year Old Economic Recovery, which has many still very skeptical.

Last week Domestic Equities moved higher as the Dow Jones increased 1.23%.  The S&P 500 rose 1.65%, Small caps increased 1.90% and the Nasdaq Composite led the rise moving higher by 2.21%.

Over the pond the Developed Market MSCI EAFE Stock Index was flat, down a slight (.02%).  Emerging Markets posted a weekly gain of 1.37%.

Bonds yields were pretty flat with the 10 Year US Treasury Yield closing Friday @ 1.59%.

Year-To-Date the S&P 500 is up 4.87%.  So what will slow down the rise in our markets?

As always, time will tell!

Election Thoughts

My responsibility is to invest client money based on the objectives of their retirement income plans relative to the state of the markets and the economy.  Certainly not based on any personal political beliefs.

Here we are, just under 11 months until our next Presidential Election.  If the election was held today, I believe President Trumps opponent would either be Bernie Sanders or Mayor Bloomberg.  I read a short article online that Bloomberg will consider Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

I think it will be challenging to beat Trump if the economy and markets continue to expand.  Employment continues to expand at all income levels, so most people are participating in this part of the economic recovery.  I certainly do not believe all is perfect…. however that’s a conversation for another time.

There appears to be a large divide within the Democratic Party between Moderate Democrats and the Far Left.  Will this divide cause the party to not unite and throw all support to the eventual candidate?  Should be interesting!

Would I want to become president at this time of the economic expansion?  Absolutely NOT!


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